Got to organise an intermodal shipment? We assure you a secure, quality service. Commitment, care, efficiency and dedication are the characteristics appreciated by all our customers. Thanks to our experience we are able to plan the freight operation down to the tiniest detail, choosing the most secure and of course the fastest route for your goods.

Since intermodal freight allows various means of transport (road-rail, road-sea) to be interchanged/combined, it offers several advantages:

  • it is inexpensive – rail charges are not affected by fluctuating fuel costs;
  • it is environment-friendly – fewer emissions and less impact on the environment;
  • it is efficient – higher weights, punctuality, no damage to goods, load unit compatibility…

Intermodal is a very flexible shipping method, which satisfies a variety of requirements: any type of goods can be transported, with no exceptions.

  • Choosing intermodal freight means choosing security.

    Intermodal freight is perfect for those who need to ship goods over long or very long distances.
    The goods you consign to us are stowed in a container and not moved again until they reach their destination.

    The elimination of all intermediate handling of the load means less risk of damage to the goods but also, and no less important, a reduction of the costs of transfer between different means of transport, and very often greater speed and delivery time optimisation.

  • Combination of several means of transport

    With intermodal freight, the container is first loaded on a truck and then shifted onto a train or the deck of a ship. This combination of several means of transport allows long distances to be covered while reducing costs and, since goods are taken off the road, also helps to limit environmental damage.
    It is an excellent solution and could be exactly what you need!

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