In the forwarding and freight business, quality is often just a word, an abstract concept with no basis in reality. But for us, it is daily practice. Every day, we work to the highest European standards throughout the supply chain, from selection of the most trustworthy carriers to internal operations, through to delivery and even beyond.

About us

  • AEO

    The Federal Customs Authority certifies Cippà Transport SA as a reliable company to the customs authorities.
    The AEO certification guarantees:

    • one status of reliability and security with unlimited and community value
    • allows reducing controls

    Consequently this allows us to simplify customs procedures and be faster in the import and export practices.

    Cippà Trasporti – AEO Certificate

  • ISO 9001

    We believe in quality so strongly that we have held ISO 9001 certification since 1996. Spurring us on to keep improving all the time, and guaranteeing our customers genuine quality.
    We are certified for:

    • Domestic and international shipments by road
    • Customs clearance
    • Warehouse logistics and warehouse
    • Requests and authorizations for special transport
    • Shipping by sea and air

    ISO Certificate

  • Certificate Dun & Bradstreet

    And from a financial point of view?
    In addition to the numerous testimonies of our customers, we can now rely on the judgment of rating agencies, which can certify the quality and reliability of our work.
    Also in 2018 we got the D & B Rating Certificate, an award that certifies the reliability and financial stability of companies that request it and is issued only to those who meet certain requirements.
    The Rating Certificate Dun & Bradstreet confirmation to customers and suppliers who Cippà Transportation is an extremely healthy and stable partner from an economic point of view.

    Certificate Dun Bradstreet 2018