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Why is a VAT deposit required in Italy?

Why is a VAT deposit required in Italy?

The establishment of VAT dates back to 1997 (with Law 28 of 18 February 1997) and facilitates intra-community commercial exchange.
The advantage is sending the VAT payment at the time when the goods deposited (placed in free circulation and coming from an EU or non-EU country) are effectively extracted from the warehouse and commercialized.

We have all the tax and legal prerequisites to manage VAT storage and thus guarantee a service of strategic value for your reference markets.

But what are the main operations that can be carried out without paying value added tax?

  • Release operations for free circulation of all non-community goods (goods placed in VAT storage): entities can be either Italian or foreign.
  • Supplies of goods or services to entities of another State in the European Community (always performed with placement in VAT storage). This facilitates economic-commercial relations between EU Member States.
  • Transfers of particular raw materials (goods placed in VAT storage) also from non-EU entities.  
  • Transfer of goods kept in VAT storage by Italian entities;
  • Removal of goods from VAT storage to be sent to another member state if it is subject to intracommunity transfer or outside of the Community (this regulation requires non-taxability of intracommunity exportation or transfers.)
  • All supplies of services relating to goods deposited in VAT storage.

All the customs operations you need for transporting goods can be managed easily and quickly with our help. Do not hesitate to ask us.

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