Do you carry out or have you carried out activities connected with events or trade fairs in Swiss territory?
With our specific administrative knowledge and relationships with the competent local authorities, we represent you to recover the VAT, releasing you from any bureaucratic burdens, with the certainty of prompt reimbursement at low, agreed costs.
Our professionals can follow all the procedures for requesting reimbursement of VAT, so that the customs operations will no longer be a problem for you!

Who requests the recovery of VAT?

Note: a request for reimbursement can be made through the procedures provided by Directive 2008/9/CE by all companies or professionals that, during the period of reference of the request:

  • did not have a seat of economic activity or a fixed establishment for the organization, domicile or normal place of residence in the State involved;
  • did not carry out operations that are significant for the purposes of value added tax in the State involved. This case is a rare exception.
    • All transport and accessory services are exempt
    • Transfer of goods or services with VAT debt pertaining to the VAT debtor

The costs required for VAT reimbursement must be sustained exclusively for commercial business purposes and not simply for private use. Recovery of VAT becomes necessary when there is a commercial exchange between two businesses in different countries.
Businesses have the right to reimburse the community VAT in proportion to the deductibility of VAT in effect in the country where their headquarters are located (with particular reference to the categories that make VAT deductions by one time payment or pro-rate).

All customs operations required for transporting goods can be managed easily and quickly with our help. Do not hesitate to ask us.

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