In our warehouses at Tavazzano con Villavesco and Chiasso we perform picking activities that allow us to best store, move and manage goods. In fact, we offer a complete logistics service, which provides for the separation of goods, placing them according to their individual characteristics, warehouse management, and packing and packaging actions.

We know how important warehouse storage is for your business; therefore, we guarantee full flexibility and speed in order processing, thanks to our attentive technological picking activities. The term “picking”, which means “selecting”, indicates all activities of sorting and removal of material in the warehouse. This is an essential action to fulfil client or warehouse orders, dividing the merchandise units, to meet all requests made.

To perform this operation, however, the merchandise must be easily counted and identified, so that every placement and removal is easily traced. Every little space in the warehouse has a quantifiable economic value and must be best managed to allow us to meet all of our clients’ requests.
Thanks to many years of experience in the sector, we know all the daily warehouse needs and how to optimize the process of arrangement and movement of goods.

Picking is thus indispensable for offering you a prompt, flexible, accurate logistics service; therefore, over the years we have invested in and optimized this activity. We use innovative automatic systems to best manage picking from the warehouse and we are attentive to the special characteristics of every merchandise order, making logistics operations efficient and fast.

Our goal is to provide high level and high quality services.

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