We offer 11,000 m2 in strategic locations for providing services of stocking goods, storing goods, customs storage, and warehousing for third parties: spaces and solutions to guarantee the highest levels of professionalism, quality and competence.

Your peace of mind is also part of our services.

We know that goods have absolute value for those entrusting them to us, and so we offer all our competence and experience.

We perform all goods storage operations: from receipt to management of storage, to domiciliation of goods.

Our covered warehouses in Tavazzano con Villavesco and Chiasso are provided with all necessary equipment for loading, unloading, moving and storage of all types of goods.
The warehouses are large and well distributed, facilitating all operations of entry, storage (real warehouses) and shipment; they can house any type of product provided with the best logistical solutions to guarantee the security that your company seeks.

Continual monitoring and qualified, expert professionals ensure storage and warehousing in complete security and quality.

We offer logistics services tailored to meet every need!

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