Importazioni temporanee in CH

We perform temporary importations with great attention to all customs and transport procedures.
Our close network of international correspondents allows us to guarantee a personalized service and meet all of your requests for temporary goods shipment abroad.

With the particular system of temporary importation it is possible to introduce non-EU goods into the national territory, avoiding payment of customs duties.
This facilitation is performed, in fact, only in cases in which the goods are destined to return to the country of origin.

For the Swiss territory, in fact, duties are often collected on importation only for goods remaining permanently in the country, while in this case, the products stay temporarily and are re-exported after a specific time period. At the moment of importation, a guarantee deposit is requested which is equal to the amount of customs duties that should be paid in case of final importation, which will be returned at the time the goods leave national territory.

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