Green logistics

Our consulting services in the “Green Logistics” field allow our partners to minimize the impact on the environment of their transport and logistics operations. Our goal is to provide solutions that properly balance business requirements and environmental needs, so to have a fully sustainable logistics process.

Green Logistics have a positive effect in many different areas:

  • Trucks on our roads

    a decrease in the number of trucks on our roads, with substantial benefits both in terms of traffic and road safety;

  • Reduction in CO2

    a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and particulates, with enduring environmental and health benefits;

  • Impact in terms of CSR for the companies

    a strong and positive impact in terms of CSR for the companies that adapt their operations to a logistics model in line with the needs of the environment.

What can we do to let your logistics truly become green?

Our consulting services adopt different and heterogeneous approaches in order to conform to our customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Our guidelines are:

  • efficient and eco-friendly management of packaging;
  • route optimization;
  • freight load optimization;
  • implementation of innovative IT solutions designed to streamline the entire logistics process.

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