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Italian domestic freight

Contact us for your domestic freight forwarding needs! Our Italian offices can offer you prompt assistance and an all-inclusive service.

Italian domestic freight

We put the same care, precision and dedication into every service we offer.
So when we have to organise a shipment within Italy, we do it to our usual impeccable quality standards.

This means guaranteeing that everything goes well: from the first contact phone call to the choice of the most suitable carrier, from loading of the goods to monitoring in transit, through to delivery at destination.

We are precise and efficient, not just because this is in our Swiss genes, but also because being reliable and trustworthy is the only way of standing out and winning clients in a more and more competitive industry.
Commitment, care, efficiency and dedication are the characteristics appreciated by all our customers.

A wide range of services for your freight forwarding

We operate from two locations in Italy: at Tavazzano (near Lodi).Our two branches' strategic positioning, in northern and central Italy, and our system of backup points, ensure full cover of the entire country, region by region and town by town.
Drawing on the experience gained over years in business, with our staff we are able to organise any type of shipment, even in very short times, placing reliable, prompt carriers at your service.
We strive every day to extend the range and efficiency of our services and make the management of the bureaucratic procedures and permits required quicker and more secure.
Daily shipments, customised routes, projects tailored to your needs...
Whatever your freight needs, we can cover them.
You only have to ask.

These are our freight forwarding services available throughout Italy:
  • Groupage
  • Partial truck
  • Full truck
  • Crane service for loading and unloading
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Express freight
  • Carriage of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Carriage of valuable goods
  • Temperature controlled freight
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contact phone

International shipping: +41 91 695.17.77
Domestic shipments in Italy: +39 0371 76.04.64

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