Using the groupage system, you can combine your shipment with others in a single container or vehicle, achieving highly beneficial economic savings.
The large number of vehicles available and our wide network of consolidated relationships with the various suppliers and carriers enable us to satisfy any requirements you may have with regard to both the type of vehicle and the destination of your groupage shipment, and with our branches we are easily able to cover all regions of Italy.
Our staff analyse your requirements and then find the best solution: our aim is to satisfy all your needs!

What are the benefits of groupage?

Groupage is a special type of shipment ideal for those who have small amounts of goods for forwarding. It brings together and combines different lots of goods (from different shippers for different consignees) to make up a space lot within a load unit, which may be a vehicle, a pallet or a container. The benefit is considerable financial savings, since the freight costs are split amongst all those using the service, and are thus sharply lower.

The forwarder's role is fundamental

The management of this type of freight operation is crucial; the forwarder has to coordinate the various clients’ shipments, as well as effectively organising and combining widely varying lots of goods.

In groupage, the commercial documents the shipper supplies with the material are fundamental; they must provide as much detail as possible to simplify the correct combination of the various shipments.

We assure you a reliable, safe groupage service. Our many years’ experience in the sector enable us to organise any type of freight operation with ease to ensure it provides speed and quality.

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