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Need to ship small lots of goods?Groupage freight could be right for you!


We offer an efficient groupage freight service, door to door.
Groupage is a flexible, secure, inexpensive way of shipping small quantities of your goods together with other lots, on standard routes.
Our dense network of international correspondents enables us to guarantee customised service, to satisfy all your requirements and optimise the freight operation.

Why use the groupage system?

You don't always have large amounts of goods for shipment, so groupage may be the ideal, least expensive solution for your delivery.
With this system, small lots of goods shipped by different customers in the same country, addressed to different consignees, are combined to form a single lot. In a subsequent operation known as consolidation, the lots will then be grouped together in a load unit.
The groupage system originated with the containerisation of freight operations and the option of purchasing just part of the space in a container (or vehicle), allowing optimised shipment of small lots, saving money and space.

What is our job as forwarders?

To manage and control the entire operation, from departure to arrival.
We are the point of contact between the various clients: we receive the various enquiries, organise them to satisfy all the client's needs and combine the load, then subdividing it again on arrival for delivery to the individual consignees.
The way the goods are grouped together is essential for successful shipment; nothing is left to chance. When the loads are combined, various factors must be considered and special measures taken to prevent damage in transit or the combination of incompatible types of goods.
Our skilled staff with years of experience guarantee you absolutely secure shipment.

Got goods to ship within Italy? Check out our Italian Groupage service.

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