We can offer an accurate and careful service for your customs warehouse, following all bureaucratic procedures in customs matters. Our expert team in the sector will support you in all phases of storage, guaranteeing safety and quality.
The customs warehouse is a fundamental service for temporary storage of untaxed goods. We have warehouses authorized by the customs authorities and subject to their control to manage non-EU goods (thus not subject to duties), as well as EU goods in the cases foreseen by European Union laws. This is defined as a suspensive economic system, in that it triggers suspension of tax payment for warehoused goods, with advantages for the company, which can postpone these payments until arrival at the final destination.
We offer you authorized spaced for customs storage, along with VAT tax deposit, which allows suspending VAT payment for the warehoused goods, up to the moment they are moved or commercialized.

What are the advantages of the customs warehouse?

This service allows you the possibility of storing goods in transit in customs territory without the obligation of paying duties. However, when the goods must be sold in customs territory, the duties are paid at the end of storage, with issuance of a final customs declaration.

The advantages are clear at economic and commercial level for companies, which, this way, can choose the best moment to send goods to the final destination and pay customs duties, allowing provision of products without advance payment before they are placed on the market. There is also no limit to the length of time goods may remain in customs warehousing.

We support you in all procedures to introduce the goods into customs storage and to place them at a later stage in the territory, ensuring complete security in customs procedures and during the storage period.

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