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Maritime freight

Contact us for your maritime freight forwarding operations! We offer you customised assistance and a service you can trust.

Sea freight
Fast vessels, modern ports and computerised customs clearance: this is what it takes to make a maritime freight service competitive on cost.
Our staff will offer you a variety of options for customising the shipment and satisfying all your freight requirements in full.
We assure you a solution tailored to your needs!
Over the years we have consolidated partnerships with the leading shipping companies to offer you a vast range of services:
  • full container loads (FCL);
  • less than container loads (LCL);
  • door to door (warehouse to warehouse) service
  • bulk cargo shipments

Why choose maritime freight?

Shipping by sea is ideal for those who want to keep their freight costs down.
Our experience enables us to organise and manage maritime freight down to the tiniest detail: nothing is left to chance!

Various types of maritime freight are available depending on the type and quantity of the goods you need to ship:

  • carrier haulage, with chartered vessel
  • scheduled cargo services, with the goods loaded on a vessel which sails regularly on the route concerned

We find the best procedures and route to shorten port-to-port shipping times and handle all the details of all loading and unloading operations (supplying all the documentation necessary for embarkation and disembarkation procedures). With us, security always comes first!

Maritime freight is definitely one of the most widely used forms of freight forwarding.

In Italy, more than 280 million tonnes of goods enter or leave the country on board a ship.

In terms of Italy's international freight operations, the maritime system is much more important than road or rail in terms of quantities handled. For both imported and exported goods.

Over the years, we have chosen a reliable network of partners who enable us to assure a higher level of service in maritime freight operations, for quality forwarding and to satisfy all your needs!

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