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Abnormal Loads

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Abnormal load
Today, we can draw on the commitment and dedication of 80 professionals and a specialist team assigned only to abnormal loads: the most spectacular, problematical industrial freight operations.
Our many years of experience and our capabilities make us a trusted partner for transport operations both in Switzerland and across Europe.
We are members of Switzerland's SPEDLOGSWISS Forwarders' Association.
We have correspondents throughout Europe and are an ISO Certified company. .

Abnormal loads: specialist expertise and obsessive attention to detail

Unusual, spectacular and with the added spice of little danger, an abnormal load will always attract attention. Whether carrying prefabricated bridge sections or a 9 metre casting furnace, the slow progress of the truck and its escort will never fail to inspire curiosity, interest and, often, well deserved awe.
But what is seen on the road is just the tip of the iceberg: the end result of a complex process, planned weeks before, in which nothing should be left to chance.

What does an abnormal load require?

Care, attention and expertise in the road transport of items in excess of the dimensions or weights laid down by articles 61 and 62 of the current Highway Code. The authorisation of the operator or owner of the roads used is required, as well as, in many cases, an escort of qualified technical staff or an accompanying Police patrol.

Nothing is left to chance, every detail is planned.

The choice of the right route and application for the necessary permits are important, crucial steps for successful transport of an abnormal load. Up-to-date knowledge of the roads and their actual condition at the time of the shipment is essential for on-schedule delivery.
Maximum heights to be complied with, load capacities of bridges, sections which have to be temporarily closed to normal traffic... Choosing and adapting the route as appropriate to the size of the load and its specific characteristics and having a "plan b" ready and waiting are also essential preconditions for assuring delivery to destination.

We have customised solutions for:

  • vehicle recovery
  • transportation of construction equipment and heavy plant
  • transportation of special structures, prefabricated buildings and industrial sheds
  • transportation of silos, tanks, moulds, extruded pieces and verticalisations
  • transportation of beams and other types of large, bulky load
  • transportation of outsize goods
  • transport of turbogenerators
  • transport of cooling towers
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