We provide you with a VAT identification number (tax representative), indispensable for customs clearance, and we help you avoid a series of bureaucratic transactions necessary for those exporting from Switzerland toward the European Union; this number is supplied to EU providers who thus benefit from intracommunity transfer, avoiding advance payment of VAT to customs.

This EU clearance allows you to ship goods to a country in the European Community, avoiding advance payment of VAT to customs (with the same status of a country belonging to the European Union).

Furthermore, your shipment is cleared by customs at the moment of entering the EU. This operation usually takes place in the destination country of the goods.

There are several advantages:

  • avoidance of any advance cash payments for VAT costs and interests on importation;
  • quick delivery thanks to immediate clearance;
  • improved competitive status for your company in the EU market.

We manage the entire clearance process for your shipment and closely comply with all practices needed for EU customs clearance. Our competent personnel follows all the best customs practices, for safe and efficient service.

vantaggi sdoganamento UE

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