With our two warehouses in Tavazzano con Villavesco and Chiasso, we offer 11,000 m2 for providing services of stocking goods, storing goods, customs storage and warehousing for third parties: spaces and solutions to guarantee the highest levels of professionalism, quality and competence.
Our years of experience in the transport and logistics sector allow us to guarantee an efficient service to manage and organize your goods. We offer logistics services tailored to meet every area need!

A wide range of warehouse management solutions

The professionalism of our operators is available with a great diversification of services to guarantee precise, qualified activities in warehouse management: from movement of goods to care for administrative practices.

Warehouse management means controlling even the ​​smallest detail of the operations of loading, unloading, moving and storage of goods: everything is carefully recorded and monitored to ensure smooth movement along the chain.

A logistics service is crucial for a company’s business. We know the importance of the goods you entrust to us; therefore, we analyse your proposals to the slightest detail, taking care of every particular to give you reliable, safe, and high quality service.  
Peace of mind is also part of our services.

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