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The following information is provided for those who interact with the Web-based services offered by, accessible via the Internet.

The information is not provided, nor is it valid, for other websites which may be accessed by the user via links.

The purpose of this document is to inform users of how "Cippà Trasporti S.A." uses any personal data which will be provided through this site, and in particular about the type of data that the company can collect and process, the data processing methods and the subjects with whom the data may be shared.


1. Definitions

The processing of personal data pursuant to current law shall mean any operation or set of operations carried out with or without the aid of electronic or automated means, concerning the collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, erasure and distribution of data.


2. The Data Controller, Data Protection Officer and representative for the EU territory

The Data Controller is designated as "Cippà Trasporti S.A.", headquartered at 7 Via Maestri Comacini, Chiasso, Switzerland, telephone: +41(0)916951777, e-mail:

Data protection officer:

Alessandro Gili
Phone: +39 3922990901

The representative for the EU territory is:

Alessandro Gili
Telephone: + 39 3922990901

The data is processed only by formally identified Data Processors and their delegates, whose identifying information is available upon request made to the organization. The staff identified is authorized for processing within the limits of their attributions and in compliance with the instructions issued by the controller.


3. Source and types of data processed

3.1. General considerations

Generally, the user can visit the websites of the Data Controller without having to provide any personal data, except for particular areas where you will be required to manually enter your personal information for purposes related to the provision of various services (see also paragraph 3.4). Only in such cases will you be required to express your prior consent to the processing of such data, by using the functionality made especially available on the website.

Furthermore, it is only in these cases that the absence of such personal data may make it impossible for the Data Controller to provide the services indicated.

3.2. Navigation data

The computer systems and software programs used to operate this website acquire, during normal operation, some personal data that is then further transmitted and is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.

This is information which by its nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow the identification of users (e.g., IP addresses, the domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site, etc.).

This data is used only for statistical information (therefore anonymous), and in order to verify the proper functioning of the site. It is deleted immediately after processing.

3.3. Cookies

Please refer to our dedicated Policy here: Cookie Policy


3.4. Data provided voluntarily by the user

The optional, direct and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses indicated on this website entails the subsequent acquisition of the e-mail address of the sender, necessary in order to respond to requests, and of any other personal data included in the message.

In some cases, you may be asked to enter your personal information within a registration form (e.g., "contact form"), with your consent, for the purposes indicated in the informative note offered together with the registration form.


4. Optional nature of the provision of data

Apart from what has been mentioned concerning navigation data above, the user is free to communicate their personal data by entering it into a request form.

The absence of this data may make it impossible to fulfil the respective request.


5. Methods of data processing and storage

Personal data is processed using automated instruments for the time that is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected.

Specific security measures are followed to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use thereof and unauthorized access.

The Controller stores any of your personal information that is communicated to us by filling out specific forms, until such time as you revoke your consent and for a period not exceeding 24 months. At the end of 24 months, you will be asked by the Processor regarding the opportunity to renew your consent for the purposes described in this statement.


6. Transfer of personal data

The Data Controller processes your personal data on Swiss territory. We note that the level of data protection offered by this country was considered appropriate in accordance with article 25, paragraph 6 of Directive 95/46/EC. Decisions by the Commission and authorizations of control authorities based on Directive 95/46/EC shall remain in force until they are amended, replaced or repealed.

The Data Controller does not transfer your personal data to other third countries outside the European Union.


7. Rights of data subjects

The rights which can be exercised by the persons involved are as follows, according to the GDPR (EU Reg. 2016/679): access (Art. 15), correction (Art. 16), deletion (Art. 17), limitation of processing (Art. 18), portability (Art. 20), opposition (Art. 21), opposition to automated decision-making (Art. 22).

An interested party also has the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority of the state in which they are resident. No processing is performed by the Data Controller that involves automated decision-making.

For any queries on this topic, you can contact us at the following e-mail address:



Access to the website and its use are governed by the respect and unconditional acceptance of all the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this document. By using this site, you expressly agree without limitation to these terms, conditions and notices.


1. Use of information - intellectual property rights

The entirety of the content on this site is protected by the intellectual property rights of which and/or its suppliers and/or Partners are holders.

You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, disseminate, perform, reproduce, publish, grant under licence, transfer or sell any information, programs, products or services obtained from this website, nor write works derived from the aforementioned elements, without the prior written consent of "Cippà Trasporti S.A."


2. Information offered on the site

The information offered on this site comes from trustworthy sources. However, "Cippà Trasporti S.A." cannot guarantee the complete, exact, and/or current nature of this information.

Moreover, the information, products and services included on this site may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. One may not claim the responsibility of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." for any damage resulting from the improper, inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete character of any of the information disseminated on this site. In addition, the information presented on this site does not in any way constitute financial advice, management advice, staff organization advice or guidance of any kind: the data that is offered on this website is for illustration and informative purposes only. To receive specific advice for your situation, consult a qualified commercially available service. The user will handle this information at their own risk, with discernment and critical spirit, taking into account their personal situation. The user remains solely responsible for any contractual commitments that they enter into.


3. Responsibilities of the user of the services

3.1. General considerations

Users are responsible for the functioning of their own computer installations, modem, and phone line, as well as their Internet connection.

3.2. Transactional services - Part of this site may be dedicated to the acquisition of products and services provided by "Cippà Trasporti S.A.". Users are fully aware of the commitment they make to use this part of the site with the common sense of a reasonable and prudent person and respecting the regulations, laws and usages currently in force.


4. Links and hypertext

"Cippà Trasporti S.A." is in no way responsible for the hyperlinks that may be created by third-party websites over the Internet and which point to the website of "Cippà Trasporti S.A.".

Every hyperlink pointing toward the site of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." from another website must be the object of an express and written permission by "Cippà Trasporti S.A.", obtained in advance. In addition, the site of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." may contain links to websites operated by third parties. These links are provided solely for the users' convenience.

"Cippà Trasporti S.A." has no control over these websites and assumes no responsibility for their content. In addition, the inclusion of these links does not imply that "Cippà Trasporti S.A." approves of the contents of these sites.


5. Access restriction

"Cippà Trasporti S.A." reserves the right to refuse access to all or part of the site of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." to any Web user, unilaterally and without prior notification, in particular in the event of a breach of the terms of use contained herein.


6. Anti-virus security

"Cippà Trasporti S.A." has implemented security systems that conform to recent technological developments in order to protect this site, its computer and electronic systems, its databases and the exchanges of data with users. A system of protection against the known and traceable forms of viruses has also been set up. These security systems will be regularly maintained and updated. The commitment that "Cippà Trasporti S.A." is undertaking in this regard is a commitment of means and not of guaranteed result. Therefore, unless negligence or malice is evident, "Cippà Trasporti S.A." shall not be liable for any damages, interruptions, defects, theft, loss, destruction or modification of data caused by the illegal access, or access with the purpose of causing harm, to the computer system of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." by a third party or by a user, or as a result of a virus coming from the website of "Cippà Trasporti S.A.", from the Internet or from the computer system of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." or that of one of its users.


7. Interruption of access to the service

"Cippà Trasporti S.A." is implementing all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure the users' access to the services offered on its website. "Cippà Trasporti S.A." cannot be held responsible for any downtime, line failure or power failure, theft, burglary, system failure or any other event that is outside its reasonable control and which renders the services offered on the site inaccessible or deficient. "Cippà Trasporti S.A." may terminate access to the website or any part of it without notice in order to ensure its maintenance or make improvements, in the event of force majeure, in the event of the risk of misuse or fraud or in the event of incidents out of their control, with no obligation nor right to compensation deriving from the interruption of access.


8. Communication

Any communication sent to the users of the services offered on this site, whether in electronic form or by postal mail, will be considered as received by the user in person.


9. Modification of the terms and conditions of use

"Cippà Trasporti S.A." reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which this site is offered.


10. Applicable law and competent courts

The site of "Cippà Trasporti S.A." is operated from its offices at 7 Via Maestri Comacini, Chiasso, Switzerland, and is governed by Swiss law. In case of legal conflict, the Court of Chiasso (Switzerland) is the only competent legal forum.


11. Contacts

For any questions or problems concerning this website, please contact us at the following e-mail address: "Cippà Trasporti S.A." invites all its users to report any content deemed unlawful, in order to implement the measures necessary and appropriate to delete such information or render it inaccessible.